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Hamilton Black History Council

The Hamilton Black History Council is a not-for-profit community organization whose mission is to promote, celebrate, and honor the history of people of African descent in Hamilton. We do this through engaging events, programs, and initiatives such as the Reverend John C Holland Awards and Hamilton’s Black History Month Launch.
The Council’s work is guided by four pillars of our community: celebration, connection, education, and empowerment. These pillars are reflected in the accomplishments and efforts of Black leaders and residents of Hamilton over many years and serve as the base upon which we continue to build our collective impact.

Since 1996, HBHC has provided over 270 scholarships and awards to Black youth through the Reverend John C Holland Awards and other platforms. In addition to elevating our community through awards and showcasing our past and living Black history, the Council is responsive to the needs of the youth and families of our community. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HBHC launched the Education Assistance Program, which has supported 45 youth through difficulties that they have faced in pursuing post-secondary education.

Hamilton Black History Council Board of Directors (left to right): 
Doreen Johnson, Terri Bedminster, Jeff Holland, Marlene Thomas, Nicole Virgin, Corey Grant, Michael Highgate

The Hamilton Black History Database is dedicated to making information, resources, and archived materials pertaining to local Black history more accessible to our community.

This work was spearheaded by the Hamilton Black History Council (HBHC) and the Afro Canadian Caribbean Association. This partnership was supported by McMaster’s Centre for Community-Engaged Narrative Arts, allowing for a student researcher, Aaron Parry, to develop this one-stop-shop resource.

Law & Politics - The Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander, a lawyer and politician who became t

Hamilton Black History Database

Reverend John C Holland Awards Logos (FlyPrint 2018) Black and Gold_edited.png

The 2024 Reverend John C. Holland Awards Gala will be held on February 24, 2024 at Liuna Station.

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