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The Hamilton Black History Database is dedicated to making information, resources, and archived materials pertaining to local Black history more accessible to our community. This work was spearheaded by the Hamilton Black History Council (HBHC) and the Afro Canadian Caribbean Association. This partnership was supported by McMaster’s Centre for Community-Engaged Narrative Arts, allowing for a student researcher, Aaron Parry, to develop this one-stop-shop resource. The concept of this online portal was introduced to the community during HBHC’s annual Black History Month launch in Hamilton. This long-awaited resource is made available online effective February 21, 2022 and is expected to grow and improve for years to come.


Special thanks to Aaron Parry, Terri Bedminster, Evelyn Myrie and Corey Grant for conceptualizing and delivering on this initiative. Thanks to Daniel Coleman and Lorraine York for their support in achieving this. 

Underground Railroad - A map of routes used by escaped enslaved Americans travelling to Ca

Discover local Black history by searching resources in order of what historical period they pertain to, ranging from early Black settlement to today, and local newspapers displayed in chronological order.

Notable Hamiltonian Biographies - _The Journey From Tollgate to Parkway- African Canadians

Research specific topics in local Black history such as education, sports, health & medicine, the arts, and community organizing & activism.


The full undivided list of every resources located in the Hamilton Black History Database in alphabetical order.


Hamilton Black History Database

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